New Patient Initial Visit

This is one of the most important appointments that we have here in our office. This is where we get to know you, your past dental experiences, and previous treatment. It is also an opportunity for us to discuss with you any current dental concerns you might have as well as treatment needs and options for restoration of those needs.

Your initial visit will include the following:

1) Medical History. The dental hygienist will gather information about your current health status including recent medical treatments and any medication you are taking.

2) Soft Tissue Exam. The dental hygienist will examine your face, neck, lips, tongue, throat and gums for any signs of oral cancer. If any intraoral lesions are noted they will be further examined with the Trimira cancer screening light. The examination of the gum tissue will also include the evaluation for signs of loss of attachment from the tooth (periodontal pockets) and bone loss as well as previous or active gum (periodontal) disease.

3) Examination of existing restorations. The dental hygienist will chart your existing restorations including any fillings, crowns, or removable prosthetics you might have.

4) Hard Tissue Exam. The dental hygienist will examine your teeth for signs of tooth decay and cracked teeth using both a visual inspection and taking any necessary x-rays to evaluate between the teeth. These x-rays will help determine the depth of the tooth decay present as well as allow us to see those things not visible upon clinical inspection such as peridontal disease and bone levels surrounding the teeth. Following visual and x-ray inspection they will take intraoral photographs of any findings such as broken teeth, decay, bleeding of gums, or lesions that may look suspicious.

Once this information has been collected, Dr Tompkins will examine your mouth and review all of the findings of the hygienist in order to make a determination and diagnosis of your treatment options.

Finally, a dental prophylaxis (cleaning) will be performed at this appointment if indicated by the health of the tissue.